We offer a wide range of services to support your event                         


  • Event planning:  We have professionals within the band who can offer invaluable advice on how to run your event.  We can advise on music choice, event etiquette and ensemble size.
  • Piano accompanist:  Within the band we have a professionally trained pianist who can provide specialist accompaniment for soloists, choral ensembles and other musical ensembles.
  • Trumpet/cornet soloists:  We can offer individuals who can provide solo music for events such as weddings, funerals and remembrance events, including events requiring the Last Post to be played. These soloists are professional musicians and military trained trumpeters/ buglers.
  • Fanfare ensemble:  The fanfare ensemble have been involved in many prestigious events and they can offer a variety of fanfare sizes and a wide range of fanfares and anthems.
  • Small ensemble:  This option is very useful for small events such as services, weddings or small gatherings.
  • Whole band:  This is the whole band which is used for general concerts both for indoor and outdoor engagements.
  • Arranging:  We have the facility to arrange music for brass band so that it can be included into a concert that you are planning.
  • Visual displays:  We can provide large visual displays that synchronise with the music for a backdrop to your concert.
  • National Anthems:  The band is able to provide band parts for most National Anthems.