Tom Gill (1st trombone). Tom was born in Torquay and raised his family here. His Mother and Grandfather were both pianists and his Father played trombone. Tom is a piano tuner in the South West and plays for brass bands, jazz bands and shows in the area. He enjoys listening to many styles of music, especially big band and jazz.

Colin Mealing (1st trombone). Colin was born in Watford, Hertfordshire and learnt to play in the local Salvation Army’s Young Peoples Band. Colin has played in a number of bands starting at Watford Salvation Army, then Tring Salvation Army and the Devon Fire and Rescue Band. He now enjoys playing with RCB and is our very own alpine cow bells soloist. Colin is now retired after running his own bakery business. He now spends time enjoying travelling, cycling, photography and music.

Shirley Griffiths (2nd trombone). Shirley was born in Torquay and learnt to play the piano as a girl. Brought up in Torquay Salvation Army, she did not learn to play a brass instrument until later in life as the Corps Band was too big to admit women. She chose the trombone as her Father had been a very fine trombonist and her husband taught her to play. Shirley was a pharmacy dispensing assistant in Boots until she retired to bring up her two children. She has played with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Band, Tiverton and Torbay Concert Brass. She also plays the piano and organ. Shirley has two beautiful grandchildren, Samson and Constance.

Rae Gilderthorp (2nd trombone). Rae has always loved the sound of the trombone but never thought she would be able to play. Since her husband, Colin, bought her a trombone, Rae has wished she took it up years ago. Rae loves playing with RCB and says that she has received tremendous support from Band members. Rae is a retired sixth form secretary and also sings in South Devon Choir with her husband.

Bill Hersey (bass trombone). Bill was born in Brixton, London and learnt to play in the local brass band. He is a retired Design Draughtsman. In his spare time he enjoys walking, travelling and horse riding. Bill has played in many bands including the 4th Battalion Devon and Dorset Regiment, John Miller Orchestra, the Light Horse Regiment Band, RSA, Spectrum Music, Sam’s Big Band and Britannia Naval College Volunteer Band.